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Curious about Judgment Detox? I made a free 3-part mini course that guides you through core practices of the book! This mini course will give you fast relief. Click here to access it free! Your email address will not be published.

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Dear Gabby, This blog truly resonates with me. His mom baked and his father was a pedophile who locked me in his bedroom with a key. I used to beg and beg my stepdad to take me with him to work and not drop me off. It was traumatic. Years later my mom left him. I was 19 and decided I had to leave my home country for good. There was no other choice. Six years ago, in , my sister started a fight.

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My stepdad cut me out so there would be no fight. My greater good has changed to myself and the family I have created. I believe in peace, love, fairness and equality. Step 1 I forgive them for choosing greed over our family. Step 3 I set them free so I can be free and focus on myself and my own family whom I share unconditional love with. Step 4 I choose happiness over judgment and love over fear.

Cheers to Love and Happiness. Susanna, I honor all that you have been through. Thank you for sharing your story and shift with me.

Forgiveness Guided Meditation - Forgive others, forgive yourself By Jason Stephenson

So grateful you will be attending the Super Attractor workshop on August 11th. I have an old friend from 12 years ago who hurt me very deeply. I rarely saw this person over this period but when I did my stomach would drop and the feelings of hurt would return. I have tried forgiveness practices in the past but Bever really broker through the barriers. I have bumped into her now twice within 3 weeks in different places and we both ignored each other.

I am wondering if this is a sign from the universe that need to forgive and is not just a coincidence? Hi Amy. It sounds like the Universe is presenting you with different opportunities to forgive both this person and yourself. This practice will help you connect to your inner wisdom, your energy, and receive clear messages. Thank you for sharing this Gabby. I have chosen forgiveness but somehow my feelings have turned to guilt, guilt because I chose to separate from a friendship that had codependent and toxic tendencies.

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I see the innocence in my old friend, however deep within I do not think the relationship could be a healthy one. How do I move forward with forgiveness but without guilt? Hi Melanie. The feeling of guilt is a judgment that we place upon ourselves. Working on releasing that self judgment will help you heal. I outline tools for letting go of judgment, both for others and for yourself.

I want to forgive my ex for the pain that he has caused but he continues to be hurtful. We have a child so I have no option but to be in contact with him.

Forgiveness is Fluid and Indefinite

He is filled with anger and usually says hurtful things. He says things to our child that are not things that he should hear or have to deal with as a teenager. We have to communicate because we are co -parenting our child. It will help a lot. You are doing beautiful work… sending you love and light during this time. Forgive everything, you will be happier. Love everything, you will be happiest. Thank you mam. I am literally struggling with forgiveness right now.

Those people who have caused me so much pain do not deserve to be a part of my life anymore, I am longing to find a way to let go and release my pain. It is great to read that my willingness to forgive will light the way. Sending you love. I have read both your books, watched most of the videos of you and I want more and more!!! Could you advise me pls where is the best and simplier way to study course of miracles? I tried the official website but I finding it a little too hard. Maybe you could suggest a summary to start with?

May the spirit continue to guide you and use you. Pure power! Thank you and God bless. Scarlett this is so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this miracle. This is why I do this work. Thank you for doing the work too, for being part of this movement of LOVE. I really enjoyed this meditation! Is there a place you can download this meditation? This meditation can be downloaded by anyone who is in the Miracle Membership. Registration is closed right now, but you can get on the waitlist to be notified when it opens again! Thank you Gabby, for your wise insights and guidance.

I am also an advocate of forgiveness, particularly focussing on what can get in our way, when we know we need to forgive, but are having trouble.

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  5. I am loving the new journey that I am on with you and many others. For the longest time, I only believed it revenge and resentment to support my judgments of others. They are a reflection of me; it is what I attract to me show me my mirror. They are my reflections. When we look at life it does not look back, it refelcts us.

    I am willing to accept my Self-forgiveness, and make personal changes of what I am putting out. Because as long as I am forgiving them, I am not taking responsiblity for what I have caused. Now I can cause something new ans better than what I have now. I can begin by manifesting as supportive changes that do not show my confusion as blame or separated judgments of others.

    I have been experiencing a sence of peace that replaced the anxiety symptoms of misplacing blame. Blaming and labeling supports the separations of judging. Then problem with judging is thinking we are always right, but what is truer is that we always becoming separated by choosing the actions that keep others away from us. When we own judging as our actions, it is all ours, so now we can change it. Blaming takes our ownship away from us and then we cannot change anything; in fact it gets worst before it gets better.

    I like owning my actons and being responsible because it restores my power of ownership to create new actions and accept positive changes in place of resentments. I am glad to know you Gabby, you speak the truth. Please continue your message as my positive reflection. Thank you for this message today; perfect timing.

    I needed it more than you could know. I will be including this meditation into my quite time tonight. I think I am finally ready for this 6th step.

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    Thank you for the clear clarifications regarding the myths of what most of us think it means to forgive. I so appreciate your work Gabby! You are a true blessing to this World. Enjoy this step. Expect miracles…. I want to let you know that recently you and been apart of my journey. I started almost 2 years ago. I already trust in my journey enough to know that I have found you at the right time.