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Not having my name on the cover didn't bother me in the least. It would be akin to a contractor demanding to have his name on a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Foster also wrote the follow-up novel Splinter of the Mind's Eye , written with the intention of being adapted as a low-budget sequel to Star Wars if the film was unsuccessful. Foster's story relied heavily on abandoned concepts that appeared in Lucas's early treatments for the first film.

Although the book was largely ignored by later entries in the Star Wars film canon, it was the first Star Wars Expanded Universe entry written although not the first published—a Marvel Comics story holds that honor. Foster returned to the franchise for the prequel-era novel The Approaching Storm , and also wrote the novelization of the first sequel trilogy film, The Force Awakens He later wrote the novelization of the film Star Trek , his first Star Trek novel in over 30 years. Novels are listed in chronological order of the story not chronological order of publication.

Foster comments, in a foreword to a re-issued edition of Bloodhype , that it is the eleventh novel in the series, and should fall between Running from the Deity and Trouble Magnet. Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.

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Voyage to the City of the Dead

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Retrieved 27 April Pocket Books. Fantasy Author's Handbook.

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Foster's Humanx Commonwealth novels. It has an upbeat, Star Trek kind of vibe. I wonder if the entire chronology of the Humanx Commonwealth sequence chronology was ever mapped out? As with Cordwainer Smith, or Heinlein, etc…. What made it novel and interesting for me at the time was that it was written from the point of view of the first thranx to make contact with a human, and went to some efforts to portray what it would be like for someone with very different biology and social roles to encounter soft, pink humans for the first time also, notably, that character is a mid-level female bureaucrat.

I was in fact mistaken, the thranx who first makes substantive contact with humans is male. Sorry for the error!

Thank you again for your comments. I read somewhere that the Barry N.

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I get the sense that they are a necessity if novelists want to make a living off of their work…. That mostly just adds to the value of repeat reads, as you pick apart the way these stories are tied together. Interesting discussion. I also love maps, ever since I was a kid. I drew the original, elevation cross-section, etc.

Alan Dean Foster

Shelly later went on to full editorship at Del Rey and eventually took charge of their Star Wars publication program. I loved working with her. Voyage to the City of the Dead is indeed set in the Commonwealth, but Commonwealth details are only a background to the setting and story. For them what asked, a complete Commonwealth chronology listing all the novels and short stories set in that universe is on my website…together with more maps, this time of the entire Commonwealth, as well as ancillary information.

I never sought out novelization work…it just found me. Did doing those hurt me critically? Do I regret doing them? No more than Rembrandt regreted painting fat businessmen or Bernini sculpting fountains and popes. And of course your insider look at novelizations.

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