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The crucial difference between natural and spiritual science is that the latter assumes that life is — like energy — an eternally existing phenomenon.

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From a logical standpoint, there can be only two possibilities: 1. The phenomenon of life originated at a specific point in time. The Life-Changing Cosmology.

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The Third Testament — The continuation of the Bible. The Martinus Cosmology Podcast. Martinus Center Klint. Anton Jarrod — New writings about modern spirituality. New Cosmic Paradigm.


Before Our Wondering Eyes. Eternal Acadamy — everything in a new light. Said "My Lord and My God" To convince Thomas He was not a spirit, the Lord said to Thomas: Reach hither thy finger, and behold My hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into My side; and be not faithless but believing; then said Thomas, My Lord and my God John , Put On Human from Divine within Him That in the Lord were the Divine and the human, the Divine from Jehovah the Father, and the human from the virgin Mary, is known. Hence He was God and Man, having a Divine essence and a human nature; a Divine essence from the Father, and a human nature from the mother; and therefore was equal to the Father as to the Divine, and less than the Father as to the human.

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The Divine Assumed the Human United Itself to It, as a Soul to its Body It is also known that this human nature from the mother was not transmuted into the Divine essence, nor commingled with it, for this is taught in the Doctrine of Faith which is called the Athanasian Creed.

For a human nature cannot be transmuted into the Divine essence, nor can it be commingled therewith. From this it follows that the Lord put off the human from the mother, which in itself was like that of another man, and thus material, and put on a Human from the Father, which in itself was like His Divine, and thus substantial, so that the Human too became Divine.

The Lord's Two States Lord's State of Humiliation and of Glorification As from His birth the Lord had a human from the mother, and as He by successive steps put it off, it follows that while He was in the world He had two states, the one called the state of humiliation or emptying out [expiation], and the other the state of glorification or unition with the Divine called the Father.

The Third Testament

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Tips for beginners. The Fate of Mankind 2.

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