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They are also willing to shoulder responsibilities and execute them in the best manner possible.

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But light does not illuminate only the darkened, antariasmena sea. San heartbeat of our beloved city, flashing lights and our hearts to the showers and storms to pass. Will dawn clear skies and in your sea.. Eleftherios Venizelos lived in his paternal house, in Chalepa Chania , for more than thirty years, from to , and occasionally, from to He was particularly attached to this house. It is the house where he spent his youth, he got married and had his two children, and where his wife died. He lived there for almost half of his life and this house established his strong bonds with his homeland and his family.

The construction of the residence started in and was completed in , when Kiriakos Venizelos moved in with his family and stayed there until , year of his death. When Eleftherios Venizelos was designated Prime Minister and left for Athens, in , the house was rented to relatives, foreign diplomats and Cretan politicians. The residence in Chalepa took its present form in , when Eleftherios Venizelos returned to Chania and undertook its renovation.

The renovation study was assigned to the architect Stavridis, and Venizelos personally supervised the works. During the next years, until the beginning of the Second World War, the sons of Eleftherios Venizelos lived in the residence. In , during the Battle of Crete, the house was bombarded.

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The Germans restored it and used it as their headquarters and as a residence of the German Governors of the Cretan Fortress. During the occupation the house was seriously damaged and vandalised.

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One room of the ground floor, used by the Germans as an entertainment room, has murals of funny figures. Nikitas Venizelos, grandson of Eleftherios, inherited the residence of Halepa. The residence bears the imprint of Eleftherios Venizelos and the building has maintained its original form, of the years he lived there.

The furniture of the decade was selected by Venizelos himself and his wife Elena, and was brought from Athens and abroad. Decorative objects and paintings of the period, original photographs and personal items of significant value decorate the interior of the residence. A primary objective of the Foundation is the restoration of the historical residence, that suffers severe static problems, and its conversion into a commemorative site and a modern museum according to international standards.

After the completion of the restoration, on the basis of a museological study, the Venizelos residence will dispose museal technology and modern technological equipment. One of the most popular points offer panoramic views of Chania, are the tombs of the Venizelos family , a few kilometers east of the city, en route to the Cape and the airport. Here are the tombs of the famous Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos and his son Sophocles Venizelos, and the small church of Prophet Elias.

Around the graves has developed a nice little park and the view of the Chania is unobstructed. The Eleftherios Venizelos , one of the most important figures in Greek history, Turkish-born in Crete in and died in exile in Paris in The location for the burial had chosen himself, a few kilometers east from his home in Halepa.

The body was brought and buried here, and in built the tomb of the son of Sophocles, who served as prime minister of Greece from until If you are the tombs of the Venizelos family to see the Chania from above, you can enjoy a drink or coffee at a neighboring cafe, known owl, which also offers lovely views.

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This location has a historical importance, because on December, 1st, , the Greek flag was raised there and signaled the unification of Crete with the Greek state. The initial idea behind the museum was to build a place that would depict the Greek naval tradition and especially the naval history of Crete. Indeed such a museum was founded in May by Vice Admiral A.

Yannopoulos, who was serving as an Admiral Commander in Chania. The foundation and function of this museum was supported by many military officers and distinguished citizens of Crete. Chania, is the picturesque and beautiful city of Western Crete, the spiritual capital city of Crete, according to many, although the title is held by the more urban Heraklion. Charming and attractive, one of the most alluring and romantic cities in Greece, Chania is full of reminders of the past at every corner. It is situated 20 minutes away from Chania Airport and Chania Port.

Chania is the second larger city in Crete, with the second bigger population after Heraklion. It is divided into two different sections, both featuring an important part of its history and development: the new Town, which is the commercial and business hub of Chania Prefecture is more urban and modern, although still quite well appointed, and the Old Town, the most breathtaking area of Chania, built around the Venetian Port.

The Old Town of Chania The Old Town is extraordinary attractive with its narrow streets and the unique architecture that depicts the influences of foreign domination in previous centuries. The image of the town remains unspoiled, bringing back memories to the elder and fascinating younger generations. The old city clusters around the Venetian port that offers a lovely place to romantics for leisurely strolls and enjoyable dinner by the sea. The Venetian Port is the most recognizable landmark of the city and one of the most photographed spots of the Prefecture, offering magnificent views all day long.

The districts of Chania Old City retain their Venetian aura and the very charming nobility of its past. Architectural finesse and style, narrow paved alleys and buildings from different eras compose an ideal setting for morning and evening walks, while some of the districts, such as Halepa, still reflect their rich history and tantalized past.

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History of Chania The city of Chania is the ideal starting point to a long historical route within the prefecture. The once upon a time governing centre of Crete, featuring long times of occupations by Arabs, Venetian and Turks, Chania is a city of rich history and glorious moments since the antiquity. This colorful and evident blend of civilizations, combined with the famous Cretan spirit makes up the city of Chania. It dates back to the Neolithic Era and used to be one of the main communities of the Minoans, as proven by recent excavations in Kasteli.

Chania was mostly known as Kydonia in the past and its story is indispensably associated with conquerors: the venetians built the Acropolis and their own Cathedral, and fortified Kastelli, although in Turks managed to conquer the region, after two month siege.

The Turks were expelled in Crete was officially united with Greece in and since then Chania is considered one of the most beautiful and important Greek cities. Places Worth Visiting in Chania Chania prefecture features diverse landscape, with amazing beaches, mostly at the southern part, graphic bays and lovely towns and villages.

The Venetian Harbor and the Old City are the starting points when visiting Chania, although along with a car rental you can easily wander around the prefecture and admire its scenic routes and picturesque villages. The old town and the picturesque houses and streets, the Firkas fort with rich cultural activities during summer months, and the lighthouse are absolute must sees.

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Church of San Salvatore It boasts discoveries from the prefecture such as architectural sculptures, inscriptions, frescoes, icons, coins, jewellery and ceramics. During the late 19th century the district has beautiful streets and houses several Venetian buildings.

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After occupying the town of Chania from the Turks in formed a new state with the Turks to live primarily in eastern neighborhoods Castelli and Splantzia and Christians have their homes in the neighborhood Topana. Today there are in this district many tavernas, shops and renovated homes used for residential or tourist accommodation. Villa Milli history Villa Milli is a historic building.

As reports the 13 Byzantine Antiquities of Heraklion, the building is a three-storey with single volume and height, Greek folk architecture which built between 18 to 19 century — coated with a loft. A very old building renovated, historic located in Chania old city.