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Reset your password. Please enter the e-mail address you used to register to reset your password Enter e-mail address. Registration complete. Astronomy and space Research update Light from the cosmic web maps filaments across millions of light-years 07 Oct The white dots embedded within these filaments are very active star forming galaxies that are being fed by the filaments.

Light from the cosmic web maps filaments across millions of light-years

Courtesy: RIKEN Part of the web of gaseous filaments thought to permeate intergalactic space has been mapped directly for the first time. Want to read more? Register to unlock all the content on the site. E-mail Address. Sam Jarman is a science writer based in the UK. Read next Polymers Research update Material lattice morphs into doubly curved shapes.

Glowing gas reveals faint filaments of the cosmic web

Discover more from Physics World. Instrumentation and measurement Audio Doing physics in microgravity environments.

Astronomers get detailed view of Cosmic Web

Stars and solar physics Research update Supernovae and earthbound chemical explosions are surprisingly similar. Materials Research update First solar system solids formed much more rapidly than previously thought. Related jobs.

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Related products and services. CIRS Inc. After the inflationary period roughly, 10 seconds after the Big Bang , the universe was full of primordial plasma clumping together due to the aforementioned discrepancies. As this matter clumped together, it created pressure that counteracted gravity, creating ripples akin to a sound wave in the matter of the universe.

Physicists call these ripples baryon acoustic oscillations. Simply put, these ripples are the product of regular matter and dark matter. Dark matter only interacts with other things through gravity, so the pressure that causes these ripples doesn't affect it — it stays at the center of ripple, not moving. Regular matter, however, is pushed out.

A little under , years after the Big Bang, the universe has cooled enough such that the pressure pushing the matter out is released through a process called photon decoupling. As a result, the matter is locked into place.

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Some regular matter finds its way back to the center of the ripple due to the gravitational attraction of the dark matter. The result is a bullseye: Matter in the middle and matter in a ring around the middle. Because of this, physicists know that you're more likely to find a galaxy million light years away from another galaxy than you are to find one or million light years away.

Simply put, galaxies tend to be found at the outer rings of these cosmic bullseyes. Altogether, these processes produced the gigantic web of stuff that compose our universe. Of course, there are many other processes that go into producing the cosmic web, but these fall outside the scope of this article. For those of you interested in observing what this structure would look like, you're in luck: astronomer Bruno Coutinho and colleagues developed an interactive, 3D visualization of the universe's structure, which you can access here.

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Do this. Videos The right to know: How does censorship affect academics? What is the cosmic web? When you zoom far enough out, our universe has a very unusual structure. Wikimedia Commons. Composed of massive filaments of galaxies separated by giant voids, the cosmic web is the name astronomers give to the structure of our universe. Why does our universe have this peculiar, web-like structure?

The answer lies in processes that took place in the first few hundred thousands years after the Big Bang.