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It is a skill practiced today by only a few specialist tradespersons - a tradition learnt by the company founder James Cook in the 's. It has become the company's hallmark since it's beginning in The finest frame-making techniques together with the above seat construction system provides certainty of long life which no written guarantee can match.

As all products are hand made, requested variation to size and detail are a normal part of our production system. Most design illustrations of settees are available as chairs; most chairs are available as settees. Down cushions represent the finest match with hand sprung seats - however in high maintenance areas an alternative low maintenance seat cushion filling may be advisable. This was the closest the explorers came to uncovering their vision of the Great Southern Continent encircling the South Pole.

Though they were the first crew to cross the Antarctic circle, the continent itself would not be discovered and named until In Cook set out on his third voyage with the goal of finding a shorter trade route between Britain and the Pacific. That expedition led him to Hawaii in , where he was killed by locals in a dispute.

Ralston S. Alexander, Q.C.

To some, Cook's voyages embody the spirit of exploration and a sense of wonder. Cook is often recognized as having "discovered" Australia despite Aboriginal Australians having inhabited the land for thousands of years before his arrival. Click through the above gallery to explore some of the pieces on display in the British Library's Captain Cook exhibition. People like James Cook and Alexander von Humboldt were driven by curiosity.

Their achievements can now be marveled at in an illustrated book, that will have you yearning for adventure. Indigenous Australians are suffering from rising levels of imprisonment, substance abuse and illness, a report says. The hospitalization rate for self-harm has grown by 56 percent in the last decade.

Acquired over a century ago, the skull is going back to New Zealand museum which will locate the appropriate Maori tribe. It's part of a year plan to return indigenous articles to their original owners. In Britain he's a celebrated explorer. To the Indigenous peoples of the south he's a colonial oppressor. This is the story of Captain Cook's voyages.

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A representative of the UK government has acknowledged the "pain" suffered by New Zealand's Maori people in their first encounter with British explorer James Cook. Laura Clarke did not, however, offer an apology. Ivan Milat was responsible for murdering seven backpackers and has been linked to several missing person cases.

His victims included three Germans. Equal rights for Africans in Germany and the colonies — that's what 18 Africans demanded years ago. A plaque in Berlin commemorates the long-forgotten Dibobe Petition.

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Marcus Vetter's film "The Forum" premieres in Amsterdam at the world's largest documentary film festival — the latest in a series of documentaries focusing on climate change and globalization. Every year on November 15, PEN International highlights the cases of five writers who've been harassed for their work.

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The requiem was first performed at the Church of St. Mark in Milan in , with Verdi himself conducting.

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Now, years later, Teodor Currentzis unveils a powerful new interpretation of this major work. This global festival of science communication and art is taking place in Zurich for the fifth time this year. The star of is the moon. Video games have driven technological progress, while game developers have long tried to get the most out of technology.

Over time, new genres and fantastic digital game worlds have emerged. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW.

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Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Culture How did Captain Cook change the world? Exploring the south Pacific Cook and his crew would not discover the mythical land mass, which geographers believed was necessary to allow the earth to spin on its access, balancing out the northern lands. Australian indigenous lives 'stagnating, worsening,' report says Indigenous Australians are suffering from rising levels of imprisonment, substance abuse and illness, a report says.