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The judges thought the lounge room lacked appropriate chairs for the older family members. The Blue Tongues' one point win for their coastal contemporary style home overjoyed the splintered team, after a week of bickering between the former House Rules contestants. Chris and Nick were especially grateful for the win, as they would have been the duo packing their bags if their team had lost.

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Before and after! The judges were blown away with Michelle and Steve's transformation of the lounge room.

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Working well together! Darren was really impressed with the synergy between the lounge room and dining room at the back, despite being done by two different teams. The brothers scored the lowest of the group for their kitchen and sitting area, earning While the judges were impressed with the open-plan kitchen, they thought it took up too much of the sitting space. They pair also agreed that while the large fireplace was a nice touch, it dominated the room and the furniture was more retro than coastal.

For team captain Carly, the judges approval of her pendant light fixture in the bathroom was a relief. Michelle and Steve also impressed Romy and Darren with their lounge room transformation, with the interior designers appreciating how well the space worked with those around it. However, both owners were overwhelmed with the transformations of their homes within the week. Single mother Lisa's rundown bathroom was in desperate need of an update.

Extreme makeover! Carly and Leighton brought luxury to the coastal styled bathroom. Single mum Lisa thought her Coastal Contemporary oasis 'is another home, it's so peaceful and that's what I was looking for'. While for Alex and Angela, who live with daughter Amy and mum Dot, it was all simply amazing and brought tears to their eyes.

The teams will take on two new homes when Reno Rumble continues Tuesday May 12, 7. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Reno Rumble's Michael and Carlene sent home in controversial elimination e-mail 7.

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If you have a particularly difficult sample you could upload it to our website, I'll take a look. Details on request. Last Edit : by Paul Sanders. Paul, in these days I have been taken by this thing, perhaps too much, so I left a lot of work behind. Which I must resume. Nevertheless I hope to be able of posting something, but not too quickly. I apologize. That's OK, I know how it goes.

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Any time. Quote from: 2Bdecided on Quote from: boytface on People still have hum issues with turntables? I mean, even my not-so-quiet tables only had audible issues when listening at loud volumes with headphones on. I'm not even sure the samples posted on the Knowzy comparisons have significant hum issues. Mine belt-drive TT has had one for years, a low level mainly audible on headphones during quiet parts hum only when the stylus is in contact with a record and only when the motor is running.

I'm guessing that means some sort of mechanical resonance, but no one was able to fix it this was decades ago when I last took it in for fixing to some hack who was running a local audio salon; he claimed it was fixed but of course when I got it home, it wasn't. Quote from: Axon on This figure Noise stylus up-down Desperado - end of track.

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This is one of the noisiest, though. Most is LF rumble, due to mechanical vibrations induced by the bearings, but to me is surprising also the large increase of Hz and Hz hum.

This should be ripple in the motion of the turntable! Anyway, unless buying a new turntable or trying to fix this one , the alternative is numerically processing the recordings I already made. A lot has been said, also on this thread, on this issue see my previous post , however I still have doubts on what could be the best solution. In this days I played a little bit with filters. It is clear how the use of notches helps in providing a far steep response and avoiding ringing of the filter.

In practice I simulated the response of an elliptic filter. With a filter like this the rumble is virtually eliminated with very little damage to the music, as only notes below 33Hz are seriously affected. Not much useful material is found below, in any case it would be seriously damaged by rumble. The other big problem is hum. The only hum that hurts in my case is at Hz, the Hz hum is in practice inaudible.

But is it really not harmful to simply eliminate hum with a notch? In WR and other common implementations as well the steepest notch at Hz will affect seriously all notes between 95 and Hz, virtually canceling them forever!

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Although a tiny portion of the spectrum, there is valuable material in there from time to time In the previous post I summarized the discussion we had. However, after removing rumble which can cause problems, see point 3 above , how can we evaluate its pro and cons with the purpose of removing mainly hum? At least at sustained levels no portion of the spectrum would be seriously penalized, and this is a pro.

In which cases one can expect undesirable effect to take place? As I said in previous posts, I cannot report of distortions or artifacts, to me the method is quite effective at reducing hum too, as well other kind of noise. If the noise is concentrated in narrow bands and not too high in level, and if a good noiseprint is taken not corrupted by clicks, etc. Yesterday I restored a song album by Pavarotti, with very good results.

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I did the following: 1 Rumble removal with the N15g,N25g,HP30s filter, 2 automatic click removal with VS about corrections, at a random check all more or less plausible and no audible artifact, thus I left all of them , 3 noise removal with a noiseprint, made with WR at 1. For instance, my first approach with audio restoration tools was with the plug-in offered with Total Recorder TR.

Parameters not found elsewhere, although something similar is in VS point 7 of above , perhaps to cope in real time with processing during recording. This will unavoidably nibble useful material at attack and leave noise tails at the end. Are things done this way in WR? Another alternative is found in DeNoiseLF.