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Maybe you like it so much that you want to publish your own book one day. However, no matter what your answer is, you have to remember that writing can help you in your life greatly. Strong writing skills allow you to formulate thoughts better both on paper and in oral communication. You work with information better, prioritize it quicker, and you are able to write a good text, be it a resume, an essay or a novel.

A good writer always has someone to look up to, be it their favorite bloggers or novelists. Moreover, reading good texts actually helps you write better as you see the good examples and memorize them.

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In creative writing being concise means ensuring that the readers will understand exactly what you want to say. Moreover, that'll keep your mind working, making it easier for it to generate new ideas in the future. These days not many people pay close attention to their surroundings, preferring to focus on media and gadgets instead.

However, observation is one of the most important tools for a creative writer. It helps us not only to find new ideas but to write persuasively. We have to mind so many details and to keep these details in mind — and the observation is just the right tool for that. Keeping in mind how people talk is equally important. It might be surprising but actually many writers struggle with that. Sure, we might think we know everything about talking — after all, we talk to people every day — yet somehow our written dialogues might still look unrealistic.

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If you want to make your dialogues realistic, mind the way people actually talk while writing them and try reading them out loud. It would be easier to spot mistakes this way. Writers have to come up with new ideas and develop their existing plots. Adjectives overwhelm rather than sharpen description. Eliminate all adjectives, then put them back only in the places where its presence is truly missed, where its presence strengthens the sentence.

If you must use an adjective, try placing it after the noun instead of preceding it.

It will appear stronger this way. Some readers might even mistake it for a concrete noun. In the bed of the river there were pebbles and boulders, dry and white in the sun, and the water was clear and swiftly moving and blue in the channels. Use simple words to express big ideas.

Eliminate excessive words. Avoid euphemisms: they talk around things instead of addressing them. They conceal instead of reveal.

Polishing Your Prose: How to Turn First Drafts Into Finished Work

Maybe add a simile, or a short, punchy sentence. Can you make it more beautiful? Can you up the tension?

I listen especially for a variety of sentence length and structure. If I find myself stumbling over a sentence, it likely needs to be reworked. Well written prose is musical. I changed only one sentence in this step.

Polishing Your Prose: How to Write Better

This made the paragraph sound singsongy. It was simple enough to change. And with that, I am pleased with this section of text and ready to move on to the next. But I find that the more I write and edit, the more I internalize these guidelines, and the better my first drafts turn out.

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And, just to be clear, this is the step I take just before sending the manuscript to my editor. This is an edit, but certainly not the final one. I also do not begin this step until after I am confident that the overall story is working—that the pacing is sound, and characters are interesting, and the events build purposefully towards a conclusion. But with so many poorly edited books on Amazon, this is one straightforward and very doable way that you can make your work stand out.

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But stories are made up of sentences and words; with more powerful words and more effecting sentences, you can build a better story. Follow Me! Goodreads Profile. Betrayed Magi Rising, 1. March 6, Polish Your Prose. For Writers. Ask yourself: Does this sentence read badly?

Prose writing style: simplicity and accuracy (tip 9)

Here are the big problems in my passage: In fact, the more I looked at this passage, the more I realized that nearly the whole thing needed to be scrapped.