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Habermas J. Madrid: Taurus; Flores F.

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La empresa del siglo XXI. Austin J. How to do things with words. Oxford: Clarendon; Searle JR.

A taxonomy of illocucionary acts in Language, mind and knowledge. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press; Matus C. Searle JR, Vanderveken D. Foundations of illocutionary logic. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; O plano como aposta. Matus M. A teoria do jogo social. Mitroff I.

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The subjective side of science. New York: American Elsevier; Artmann E. Cadernos da Oficina Social, 3. Desenvolvimento Local. Toulmin S. Os usos do argumento. Ortega y Gasset J. Historia como sistema. Madrid: Espasa-Calpe; Marraud H. Methodus argumentandi. El Arte de persuadir. Argumentation schemes. Buenos Aires: Biblos; Pearl J. Causality: models, reasoning and inference. Scriven M. Open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors Open to all levels of Spanish speakers Completed API application University Approval Form One letter of recommendation Official transcript Completion of oral interview if coursework with Argentine students is desired Entry requirement: valid passport with proof of payment of reciprocity fee and supporting documents.

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Calendar Year Andes Trekking The group will travel approximately an hour outside of Mendoza to be dazzled by the magnificent views. Cacheuta Thermal Baths Located in the mountain village of Cacheuta is a relaxing resort featuring a number of thermal baths of varying temperatures, as well as mud therapy, saunas, and other relaxing treatments. San Rafael San Rafael, developed from the desert, is an oasis similar to Mendoza due to its network of canals. Winery Excursion Mendoza is the main wine-producing region of Argentina, featuring more than producing wineries.

Andes Trekking The group will travel approximately an hour outside of Mendoza to be dazzled by the magnificent views. Email - manuel. Argentine Regional Agribusiness in the Global Economy The main objective of the Agribusiness Course is to provide an inside of the local Agribusiness in Mendoza Argentina as well as to train students to analyze socio-economic interactions among individuals, resources and agriculture markets.

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Creative Writing in Mendoza This class will take 14 weeks to develop and discuss an introduction to creative writing. The Culture of Wine Production and Tourism What every visitor basically wants, whether he is interested or not in the winemaking process, is to listen and learn about the basics of viticulture, its process in the vineyards and of course, the production of wine from start to finish and finally, the presentation of the product to the public.

Gender Issues in Argentina This course is intended for students who are interested in exploring the specific configurations of gender identities and relations in Latin America, with a specific emphasis on Argentina. Gender and Sexualities Argentina entered the 21st Century immersed in an economic, political and social crisis that sparkled new social movements and strengthened existing ones. Human Rights The goal of this course is to provide students wi a basic rules and framework in international human rights law and the different systems of enforcement. Internship Experience This course is intended for students to gain valuable on-the-job experience, in a challenging international setting.

The Language of Wine This course provides a detailed overview of the wine industry with emphasis in wine production and wine evaluation. Overview of Argentine Economy A brief history will be provided to meet economic, political and social issues of Argentina since its inception as a nation, as well as the evolution of the political and economic ideas. As a criterion for the successive exposure issues will be discussed in greater depth the closer in time the content will be developed. Is considered to contextualize each stage or each topic regarding Argentina - region — world. Two approaches to the development of the course will be used: the first from a macroeconomic perspective: fiscal policy resources, spending, deficit-surplus , monetary policy, exchange rate policy, inflation, unemployment, recession, foreign accounts Nation relationship Provinces, etc.

Public Health The public system is highly decentralized at the provincial level. And the effort of the policies of the government is aimed to satisfy each demand as good as it is possible. Regional Economics and Rural Development The harmonious and sustainable economic development of a region implies a balance between productive sectors, society, and institutions.

Social and Community Development The course is an introduction to the principal concepts of social policy and the most recent discussion of social protection in Latin America and Argentina.

Planeacion Estrategica

Social Policy, Marginality and Exclusion This course provides an introduction to the principal concepts of social policy and the most recent discussions of social protection in Latin American and Argentina. Sustainable Development This course will help students to realize about the problems that affect our planet such as climate change, pollution, greenhouse effect, deforestation, etc.

Organization of the use of water period. The works of dams and reservoirs of the rivers period. Institutional Issues. The future of water in Mendoza. Mendoza and other arid areas such as Israel. Economy Water as an economic good.

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  7. Determining the value of water. Supply and demand: producer and consumer behavior. Valuing water in various uses. Economic incentives. Policies and programs for managing water resources. Water markets. Taxes and subsidies. Regulation Economics of Regulation. Economic regulation of urban water and sanitation services.

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    7. Private and Public Providers. Approach to regulatory design. Defining the Problems and Sector Objectives. Defining Specific Regulatory Functions. Choosing Legal Instruments and Organizations. Improving regulatory design. Cost-benefit analysis. Economically efficient allocation: the theory. Reasons for inefficient allocation.

      Water allocation systems. Pricing and cost recovery in the irrigation sector. Pricing, opportunity costs and economic benefits. Opportunity costs of resource depletion and degradation. El sistema interamericano with local students CognoscitivosLograr que el estudiante Teoria de las relaciones internacionales with local students 1 Generales1. Conocer los distintos organismos en los que se encuentran agrupados los Organizadores de Congresos.