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What a refreshing perspective on the powerfully transformative practices of mindfulness, loving kindness and compassion. Sep 16, Nick Imrie rated it liked it Shelves: religion , self-improvement , non-fiction , religion-buddhism , religion-awakening. Chade-Meng Tan seems like a really lovely guy. I just really wanna give him a cuddle! So this book has already succeeded to some extent; it made me happier just to think that there are such sweet people in the world.

OK, it also has some useful tips on how you can use meditation to feel better. How can anyone binge watch Netflix stress-free with piles of dirty laundry lurking next to the TV? A joyful life is the best existence we can hope to achieve. Pure joy might seem like a fleeting emotion, but even if you only feel it for a moment in time, you can hold onto it. You can relish in it. Happiness works much like love, in mysterious ways. But in order to activate those chemicals, we have to talk about habits first. There is a formula to happiness, and it lies in changing thought patterns.

Your patterns—what you do and think and say every day—determine how happy you are. Happiness is not within your grasp because it is, quite literally, within you. But what if we made it a habit to embrace and celebrate the small things? The truth is that often the things that matter most are the small ones. One big mistake people make is not realizing that happiness is an individual choice. But every choice is influenced by the people in our lives. If you change your life influencers for the better, you can dramatically increase your chances for happiness and success.

Welcoming a positive new influencer into your world can be one of the most important choices for happiness you make. Breaking news: Laughing makes you feel good. But try to think about the last time you really laughed—chances are, it may have been some time ago.

2. Express Your Human Goodness

We should, though! The classic illustrations and touching lesson offer a comforting bedtime read. Smith has faced challenges in life - a child with a disability and cancer. But these have not been set-backs for him. They have become set-forths! Smith is not a particularly religious person.

But he does seem I "stumbled" across this book in the library. But he does seem to recognize God and seeks to give God thanks for the many blessings of life that Smith recognizes are gifts.

Smith has become a coach to business leaders and actually teaches a course on happiness at DePauw University. Habit 1: Make peace with the past. Habit 2: Face the future with confidence. Habit 3: Live in the present with joy. Smith shares his failures and shortcomings as he takes us on his journey to find more happiness.

I like the simplicity and profundity of his approach.

Dalai Lama's guide to happiness

I'm going to buy my own copy. Highly recommended. Whether he knows it or not, he's teaching biblical truths! How to live with greater gladness Tucked away in Colossians 1 is a simple prayer that points us toward three habits of life that will enable us to live with more joy. In the ESV, Colossians has 39 words. At the heart of the text is the word "joy" - preceded by 19 words and followed by 19 more. Joy is at the heart of 3 habits that can help deal with our past, present, and future.

See a Problem?

Dependence: Live in the present with strength from God Colossians a. Gratitude: Think of the past with thanks to God Colossians a. Optimism: Look to the future with hope in God Colossians b.

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Ask God often for the grace to live this way. And watch your joy grow and grow. Feb 12, Becky rated it it was amazing.

How One Year of Microdosing Helped My Career, Relationships, and Happiness

In fact, I would classify myself more as a skeptical, hard-working, deep thinking realist. While I've always considered myself to be a "happy" person, it's seemed like life has been conspiring against me the last few years. Aging, illness, family concerns, and financial uncertainty have combined to transform me into much more of a "wor This book came into my life at a perfect time and SPOKE to me. Aging, illness, family concerns, and financial uncertainty have combined to transform me into much more of a "worrier.

I found Doug Smith to be a very accomplished and wise man. His varied life experiences and passion qualify him to identify and teach the skills necessary to live a happy life. He is a former CEO of 3 major corporations and is currently a university professor and lecturer. In his personal life, he is a husband of 45 years and father to 2 boys - one of whom is mentally handicapped. He also has been forced to face his own mortality by battling an incurable form of blood cancer.

Doug's writing reflects all of these aspects and rings true. He is analytical and intellectual but his candid stories are insightful and relatable.

The Book of Joy Quotes by Dalai Lama XIV

He believes in God but he also believes that finding true happiness is an fundamental skill that can be honed. In Happiness, he provides a detailed guide that assists the reader where they are and directs them to where they want to be. I found the book to be highly readable and the concepts to be logical and clearly defined. As each new concept was presented, I found myself nodding and thinking, "Yes, that's right. That makes sense in my life too. By the end, I knew it was going to be my new go-to gift and book recommendation.

Everyone wants to be happier and I honestly believe Douglas A. Smith's Happiness is an extremely useful reference that can be consulted and re-read as we evolve into our most peaceful, confident and joyful selves. Feb 18, Valerie rated it it was amazing. Lately I've been striving to do better, be better I exercise regularly, do yoga, meditate daily, eat healthy, smile more, laugh a lot, strive to be kinder By reading this book I know I am on the right path for a happy life and have discovered ways to cope with the ups and downs that may be thrown at me between now and the rest of my days.

I've learned so much from the positive outlook on life from Mr. It will open your mind, your heart and therefore nourish your body and soul. I feel uplifted and empowered. Thank you Mr. Jan 03, Katarina rated it it was amazing. This book is amazing. It is so honest and deeply moving to follow the author on his path to defining, understanding and living the components that make up happiness. I am very touched, and learned a lot from this book. Mar 31, Alison rated it really liked it Shelves: first-reads. I received this book through first reads and was very excited! The strategies brought up in the book are super helpful.

The author has some unique ideas and I enjoyed the illustrations as well. Jul 07, Chris Cooke rated it it was amazing. Doug's book is a great reminder for all of us that finding happiness is not easy but there is a way and Doug's book gives us the template. It is up to each of us to do the rest. Every person young and old should read Doug's book once a year. Feb 21, Chelsea rated it it was amazing.

The president of the company I work for gave every employee in the company a copy of this book which I thought was wonderful!

What we gain from keeping books – and why it doesn’t need to be ‘joy’

The author lives in Columbus, Ohio for much of his life and when he is writing this book so I thought that was awesome because our company is located in Columbus so it was great to read a book by a local author. The overall message of this book is wonderful and I am going to make sure I reread this book at least once a year, hopefully even more. He breaks the book up into The president of the company I work for gave every employee in the company a copy of this book which I thought was wonderful!

He breaks the book up into three parts, past, present, and future. Then he goes into discussing how to deal with all three subjects in order to achieve happiness.