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Anicet Brodawski Lithuanian: Anicetas Brodavskis; born in is an activist of the Polish minority in Lithuania, from to he was a deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union, and was known one of the promoters of the territorial autonomy of the Vilnius region in Ann Jillian born January 29, is an American actress whose career began as a child actress in the s. Anna is in wide use in countries across the world as are its variants Anne, originally a French version of the name, though in use in English speaking countries for hundreds of years, and Ann, which was originally the English spelling.

Saint Anne was traditionally the name of the mother of the Virgin Mary, which accounts for its wide use and popularity among Christians. The name has also been used for numerous saints and queens. It was written by Polina Zherebtsova, while she was 9—19 years old. In , Polina has received a political asylum in Finland.


Presentation of the book took place in the center of the Andrei Sakharov Politkovskaya described war as a journalist from the outside in. Polina Zherebtsova writes about war from inside the heart of darkness. Antanas is a Lithuanian masculine given name equivalent to Anthony and may refer to. Antanas "Anthony" Bimba Jr. Aqua-Lung was the first open-circuit, self-contained underwater breathing apparatus or "SCUBA" to reach worldwide popularity and commercial success.

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Armida Publications is an independent publishing house based in Nicosia, Cyprus. An article with the linguistic glossing abbreviation is a word that is used with a noun as a standalone word or a prefix or suffix to specify grammatical definiteness of the noun, and in some languages extending to volume or numerical scope. The at sign, , is normally read aloud as "at"; it is also commonly called the at symbol or commercial at. Audrius is a Lithuanian masculine given name, derived from the Lithuanian word audra, which means "storm". August Leskien 8 July — 20 September was a German linguist active in the field of comparative linguistics, particularly relating to the Baltic and Slavic languages.

August Schleicher 19 February — 6 December was a German linguist. Augustine is a masculine given name derived from the Latin word augere, meaning "to increase.

Aurelijus is a Lithuanian masculine given name, which is a variant of the Roman name Aurelius, and is derived from the Latin aureus, meaning "golden" or "gilded". Born to impoverished gentry, she became one of the major participants in the Lithuanian National Revival. She wrote about peasant life in the style best described as realism. Babylon KA2.

Baltic Neopaganism is a category of autochthonous religious movements which have revitalised within the Baltic people primarily Lithuanians and Latvians. Baltic people in the United Kingdom are those born or raised in the UK, or residents, who are of Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian origin. Baltic Robinson was a popular television show that aired in the Baltic region of Europe from to and was the first pan regional edition of Robinson, or Survivor as it is referred to in some countries. Baltistics is a multidisciplinary study of language and culture history, literature, folklore, mythology of the Baltic nations.

Baltix is an operating system for Lithuanian and Latvian people, based on Debian and Ubuntu. The Balts or Baltic people baltai, balti are an Indo-European ethno-linguistic group who speak the Baltic languages, a branch of the Indo-European language family, which was originally spoken by tribes living in the area east of Jutland peninsula in the west and in the Moscow, Oka and Volga rivers basins in the east.

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Pulaski Rd. Bandava in Latvian and Lithuanian; Bandowe - and old Curonian land which existed in the territory of the Latvia during the late iron age until it was conquered and divided in by Bishopric of Courland and Livonian Order.

Bartholomew is an English or Jewish given name that derives from the Aramaic name meaning "son of Talmai". Bauska is a town in Bauska Municipality, in the Zemgale region of southern Latvia. Belarusian-Lithuanian relations are foreign relations between Belarus and Lithuania. The BNR existed from to Benedict is a masculine given name, which comes from Late Latin word Benedictus, meaning blessed. Benedict is a common surname that comes from the Latin word meaning "blessed". The Bible has been translated into many languages from the biblical languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

The first known translations of the Bible into the Lithuanian language appeared in the middle of the 16th century following the spread of the Protestant Reformation. The bilingual status of gminas communes in Poland is regulated by the Act of 6 January on National and Ethnic Minorities and on the Regional Languages, which permits certain gminas with significant linguistic minorities to introduce a second, auxiliary language to be used in official contexts alongside Polish. A birch is a thin-leaved deciduous hardwood tree of the genus Betula, in the family Betulaceae, which also includes alders, hazels, and hornbeams.

Bogeyman usually spelled boogeyman in the U. The Boxer is a German-Dutch multirole armoured fighting vehicle designed to accomplish a number of operations through the use of installable mission modules. Brave is the original soundtrack of the film of the same name composed by Patrick Doyle and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. The brill Scophthalmus rhombus is a species of flatfish in the turbot family Scophthalmidae of the order Pleuronectiformes. Brown is an English-language surname in origin chiefly descriptive of a person with brown hair, complexion or clothing.

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Buckwheat Fagopyrum esculentum , also known as common buckwheat, Japanese buckwheat and silverhull buckwheat, is a plant cultivated for its grain-like seeds and as a cover crop. The roots of Buddhism in Lithuania can be traced to the 20th century, although the time of its first introduction there remains unknown. Burgomaster alternatively spelled burgermeister, literally master of the town, master of the borough, master of the fortress, or master of the citizens is the English form of various terms in or derived from Germanic languages for the chief magistrate or chairman of the executive council, usually of a sub-national level of administration such as a city or a similar entity.

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Carolyn Janice Cherry born September 1, , better known by the pen name C. Cherryh, is an American writer of speculative fiction. The Caland system is a set of rules in the reconstructed Proto-Indo-European language which describes how certain words, typically adjectives, are derived from one another. In linguistics, a calque or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal, word-for-word or root-for-root translation. The domestic cat Felis silvestris catus or Felis catus is a small, typically furry, carnivorous mammal.