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Well maybe not really, but happy day all ye vets nonetheless! Swiped concept from Dominatrix 3 I think it was Vee Stories Inside P. Thought it was a good month to do so. PI poses in May flower costume. Page 2 below. She could be quite entertaining with simple hand puppets. You can almost feel the glossy pages can't you? This time, back in the photog's studio posing for a seasonal pinup. Happy Halloween all ye at HM! Vee Stories P. Any more and it qualifies for an HM Comic right? As you can see, the Knockout Vee Stories title continued over the years, reaching to number in this case, and still disavowed by the comics code.

Simultaneously published in WTF? Comics which eventually sank them. Truly a rare item. If you don't believe me try finding a copy on Ebay. Actually I just wanted to go on to a different comic style. Heromorph's premier horror comic from the 's, recently found on Ebay. I've always been a big fan of Berni or Bernie Wrightson's brush style, so I thought I'd take a break from the super heroines and start brushing. We seem to have a dearth of horror comics around here, sooo The masthead was all hand lettered. The style, the coloring, and the graphics are a throwback to the era of DC's flagship horror comic "The House of Mystery", from the '70's.

Judging by this cover, HM wasn't shelling out much money for writers at the time. This piece is dedicated to Mr. OCP, and his former management at the hostel pension. If you notice the clock hands are so positioned as if to suggest the old nursery rhyme "4 and 20 blackbirds And if that's not enough, there's a new foreword by HM's very own Biohaz Daddy!


Perhaps you've heard of artists who create women that make you go "Ah! Okay, so I hadn't posted in the CA Gallery in a while.

I have been working on making my work more dramatic, and Bio has been teaching me the finer points of lighting and forced perspective. There is a lot of emotion wrapped up in this, and I think that it shows in the final piece. But alas! A squatter that breaths fire! Unlike other dragons the Golden Great Dragon is sentient and possesses immense magical abilities.

They have the ability to assume the form of any humanoid they choose allowing them to live among many species secretly for years at a time. Elves tell of the Immortal dragons with scales of gold, speaking with great reverence of these mighty beings. They possess two breath weapons in addition to having the ability to cast spells many long forgotten Lightning and Fire capable of melting Adamantine. There are few dragons who can match the power and fury of a Golden Great Dragon when angered. However, they are benevolent beings using their wisdom and magic to aid the forces of light and promote the greater peace throughout the five galaxies.

Image updated there was some poke through on the rear leg where it actually went through the rock. The lines in the bubble sucked, they bubbles were necessary for a whale having the life and Air squeezed out of it. The foreground imagery was there to give a sense of depth and failed. Now see the new version with many many corrections. Obsidian takes a lot of memory and several need soooo much more so for now I'm keeping it simple. I liked my old Succubus but it needed updating and I wanted to play some on Photoshop Like this Dar? I pushed the envelope from pin-up to borderline cheesecake shot.

I tried to go more for the photographers point of view on this. I wanted that photoshoot feel to it.