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Cities are assessed based on 31 segments of their industries and economy, and indicators of innovation. However, the firm's data analysts compile each city's index score, out of 60, from three key factors : cultural assets, human infrastructure, and networked markets. Der Artikel wurde versandt.

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Del Bo b. Abstract Smart City policies have attracted relevant attention and funding over the last few years.

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Since then, the city literally built a small town to research, develop and data collect everything they can about self-driving vehicles. Points of Innovation: Los Angeles is home to Silicon Beach, which houses over startups and offices from major companies like Google and Salesforce. The Big Apple employs more than , people in the tech field and is home to more than 7, startups.

Points of Innovation: No surprise here. The area is home to Silicon Valley, including Google, Facebook, Apple and innumerable high-tech startups.

This founder hopes to force stronger labor laws, starting by paying domestic workers fairly

However, its future for startups — and retaining talent — is questionable, with one survey reporting that percent of respondents are planning to leave the area, while the Economist reports that startups may pay up to four times more than anywhere else in America just to be in the Bay Area. Points of Innovation: London fell from its and spots as the most innovative city in the world, but the city is still incredibly innovative.

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