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The ending is an exuberant burst of pride. Dedicated to the West Point Band. Sprightly, simple, honest, fun, old-fashioned gazebo novelty march.

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Big start, contrasts of choirs, soft-shoe sandpaper break, reprise given to the 3 glockenspiels or bell lyras. Grade 4. Showy solos for Eb, Bb, bass clar. Slower middle with Jewish-flavor circle-dance tunes, almost drunk.

Wild loud fast ecstatic ending building to full band. Transcription of the original version for clarinet choir. Reed Thomas, conductor.

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Plus: U. A statement from the heart of a conservationist, nature-lover, outdoorsman, and mountain man. A grim tragic lament over the senseless cutting down of a last stand of old growth pine forest. With farewell song, chainsaw chorus, clearcut march, crownfire, choppers, rain, and a hopeful hint of reforestation and the silva nova. Commissioned by the Western Plains Wind Consortium. Wide range of styles and moods, high-energy cosmic finale.

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With the optional terse narration between movements, this piece is excellent for community or school audiences. Can also be played as a straight concert piece. Requires strong soloists. NEW Nigun Prophecy. Rhapsodic variations on 3 common Jewish nigun melodies with a monumental coda echoing the call of the shofar. With optional band-member singing or guest chorus , and optional added low drum line. Secular oratorio, tuneful, populist, rousing, on themes of liberty, social justice, and religious freedom from Founding Father Thomas Jefferson.

Accessible, thinking-person's patriotic music. Now also available with Orchestra accompaniment; some keys differ. Brilliant ringing opening, hortatory middle in polymeters on the evils of forced false religions; big unresolved cadence.

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Bitter, dignified solo elaboration of the relationship between religious choice and civil rights. Choral echos. Grim ending. Tight, lively, chromatic rhetorical fugue on Truth.

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Possible a cappella. Taut, dramatic setting of the salient parts of the Declaration of Independence with brave, strong, inspiring conclusion, bright joyous brass tattoo outburst after "sacred honor".

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Solemn unison recitative over pedal tone, on his self-penned epitaph. Populist, revival-style exhortation to remember and honor the Principles of the Declaration. Several band interludes, drum section break.


Secular oratorio. Privacy Copyright.

Skip to main content. My Account Help About Home. Research Papers. Authors Jordan E. Christopher Morehouse The purpose of this document is to provide guides for the preparation and performance of three standard works for wind band.

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