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View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis : Motivational sayings offer advice on salesmanship, including "Visualize yours performing at your best in every sales situation" and "Believe in yourself a your ultimate ability to succeed". Buy New Learn more about this copy. About AbeBooks. Customers who bought this item also bought. Stock Image. Published by Career Pr Inc Seller Rating:. Published by Career Pr Inc. They are in the business of making good loans which they are absolutely sure can be repaid.

When I started my new business some years ago, I was amazed to find that no banker anywhere had any interest whatsoever in lending me a single penny for my business. Most of them treated me as though I was a combination of a failure and a pickpocket when I went into see them.

I learned that this is quite common. Venture capitalists will only lend money to a company that has been in business for at least two years and that has a solid track record of increased sales, earnings and profits. Not only that, they want personal guarantees from you and your spouse that will outlive a bankruptcy and last all of your life.

They will want an assignment of every single piece of property that you own, and many banks will even ask you, if you can believe this, to deposit in a certificate of deposit with them, the amount that you want to borrow. The very best way to start a small business is for you to accumulate all the money that you can personally, sometimes by using your savings, loans against your homes, and money from your friends and family, and then start off.

The Psychology of Selling

You should plan to grow by bootstrapping. This means that you start small and you grow out of your sales and your profits. This takes a little bit longer but enables you to develop the skills and abilities as you go along that are commensurate with the size of your growing business. Packed with ideas and techniques that work for virtually anyone, in any job, under any circumstance, this book helps readers identify opportunities to increase their value, work better with others, solve problems, develop ideas to improve operations, maximise their strengths, and leverage their abilities.

Readers also learn how to set goals that work in harmony with those of their supervisors. All the business wisdom in the world isn't worth a dime if it doesn't produce results. Brian Tracy has worked with more than companies throughout the US, Canada, and 22 other countries.

He has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to achieve spectacular results, and now he is helping businesses reach new levels of success with TurboStrategy. Readers will discover the practical techniques that the most successful businesses use to thrive, even in the toughest markets. They'll also learn how to:. Maintain flexibility, the key to dealing with an ever-changing business landscape Articulate their business's vision, values, mission, purpose, and goals - both short and long-term "Draw a line under the past" and become their own turnaround specialists Hire the best people - and motivate them to excellence Through 21 strategy points and dozens of examples, stories, and quotations from world-class thinkers and corporate leaders, Brian Tracy will show any company how to turbo-charge its strategy and get its business firing on all cylinders.

There just isn't enough time for everything on our "To Do" list - and there never will be. Successful people don't try to do everything. They learn to focus on the most important tasks and make sure they get done. In Eat That Frog!

SPS 014: Before Book” vs. “After Book” with Brian Tracy

According to an old saying, if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that it is the worst thing you'll probably do all day. For Tracy, a "frog" is a metaphor for the most challenging task of your day - the one you are most likely to procrastinate on, but also the one that can have the greatest positive impact on your life if you accomplish it successfully. Eat That Frog! In his trademark high-energy style, Tracy cuts to the core of what is vital to effective personal time management: decision, discipline, and determination.

Each chapter provides specific exercises anyone can use to implement Tracy's advice immediately and see the results for themselves. Tracy takes a comprehensive approach to helping readers determine their overall goals and objectives and then proceeds to describe specific, detailed techniques for becoming more productive - providing the necessary tools and methods for mastery of each step along the way.

Using his own story as a metaphor for all success in life, in Many Miles to Go: The Sahara Crossing: A Modern Parable for Business Success , Tracy shows how anyone can find similar lessons in his or her own life, and learn from them the simple yet essential steps a person can take to realise and achieve the greatness within them. Beginning from the premise that "Nobody is better than you and nobody is smarter than you", success guru Brian Tracy outlines the path to achieving personal wealth and satisfaction.

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It's all a matter of cause and effect: when one applies the success secrets of self-made millionaires in one's life, one experiences results and rewards. The 21 chapters present motivational ideas or principles that are followed by provocative questions and action exercises designed to stimulate reflection and tangible progress toward the goal.

Readers who want to build wealth into the 21st century, attain a fulfilling personal life, and meet high career goals can do so through Brian Tracy's Great Little Book on Personal Achievement. Readers will be delighted by Brian's common sense and realistic, fresh approach to selling. Anyone who works with people, from entrepreneurs and fast-paced executives to community volunteers and medical professionals, will find the advice in Great Little Book on Effective Leadership helpful, sound, and exhilarating.

Women in positions of leadership, from home business owners to corporate executives, will find the words offered in the Great Little Book for the Peak Performance Woman moving and inspirational. The Great Little Book on the Gift of Self Confidence helps one shed those insecurities that prevent achievement, success, and happiness. Brian Tracy's words allow readers to believe in themselves and take control of their lives. Managing time is an age-old concern that affects those who have too much to do and not enough time - most of us! Brian Tracy's Great Little Book on Mastering Your Time gives practical, stimulating guidance on how to become an expert at time management.

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Buy Hardcover Version. Brian Tracy's "Advanced Selling Strategies" Strategy, tactics, and mental preparedness separate superior salespeople from the average - and with technological advances evening the competition, the selling edge is now more important than ever.

This book explains how to: Develop the self-image to give you the edge in every sales situation Concentrate on the customer's emotional factors to ensure better sales results Identify your customer's most pressing concerns and position your product or service to fill those needs.