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Tidemann read over research books and traveled across the United States to gather background information for his latest novel. He shared, "After many hours of research, I began to investigate the geographic areas and historical landmarks that my characters experienced during their lifetimes.

Michael Tidemann Publishes Novel on Cyber Terrorism

My travels took me to several areas across the United States as I gathered additional information and inspiration for my book. The historical romance novel depicts the lives of high-standing military men and their relationships with the heroic minority women who shared their lives.

He explained, "The bulk of the novel's story takes place along the slow-moving Yaquina River. Phillip Davis and wife Carissa were the owners of the letters — hence the title for the book.

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The story weaves a tale of the intertwining lives of its characters and the love and loss they shared. Tidemann's hobbies include travel, photography and reading. You can check out a copy of Letters from Elk City at the Guttenberg Public Library, or purchase a selection of his writings from amazon.

You love the news of the day. You love the leads that get the clicks but the final click could be a nuclear accident, or mistake, and that is what we all have to be worried about.

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