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A drop-down will show with a few different choices for formatting. Choose one of the first two ToC formats and a box will appear. How to Format Your Book for Paperback Publishing Formatting your book for paperback is just as easy as the process for Kindle formatting and will double your monthly sales.

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The main font for your book text should be point Times New Roman. This shows up best after printing but other Serif-font forms will work also. Headings and chapter titles should be larger, at least point font, and can be in a Sans Serif-font like Arial or Tahoma. Click back to Layout in the menu and Page Setup. You can either click on Size or open up the dialog box by clicking on the arrow in the lower-right corner. The number of pages must be a multiple of four to print out correctly.

The last page should be blank on both sides for any markings from the retailer so this counts as two pages. The other side of the title page should be blank. The Table of Contents should begin on a right-side page Just like proof reading your Kindle format, make sure you go through your paperback-formatted version before uploading it to CreateSpace or any other POD platform. Use indentation instead of tabs or spaces to start paragraphs.

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Click on the Layout tab in the menu of Word and then the button at the lower-right corner of the Paragraph tab. This will open up a box to set your preferred indent numbers for the entire document and a special indent. Set Special to First line and 0. Most authors use point spacing after a paragraph. Insert a page break between chapters to make sure each chapter starts on a new page. At the beginning of each chapter, click on Insert in the menu and then click Page Break in the left-most section.

Place the cursor where you want the image to appear and click Insert in the menu. Then click Pictures which will bring up a folder you can use to find where the image is on your computer. Remember images are shown in shades of grey on Kindle so you may lose some detail for color images. Do not use headers or footers when formatting your book for Kindle. They will be lost. How to Find Freelancers to Format a Book I used freelancers to format most of my books until I learned how easy it was to do myself.

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Share Tweet Pin. Filed Under: Self-publishing Tagged: how to publish a book , make money self-publishing. About Joseph Hogue. Comments Sherry says. April 14, at pm. Joseph Hogue, CFA says. April 16, at am.

How to Self-Publish a Book: 7 Simple Steps to Success

The default line spacing usually works best for Kindle formatting. Marie says. June 18, at am. I have just done two very complex academic eBooks that are both histories of Indian theology. That left me with no choice but to embed a font that did include the full complement of diacritics. I chose Gentium, a free open-source typeface that has the entire Unicode library of accent marks and diacritics. Franklin, how did that work out? Did you try the final text on various Kindle readers? How would including German accented words work if used in a basic font like Times New Roman, but the reader changes the font?

Hi Chris, Just found your article as my scrivener is putting out a large font and I was using 12pt size and I thought it was me.

I agree with your advice to stick with the basic fonts and the 12pt standard sizes — readers are buying your book for the content, not the presentation. Thanks Bren. I used Pages on my MacBook Pro to write my ebook. Why is that? Should I use a larger font size? Have you tried adjusting the font size settings on your personal Kindle? Forcing all fonts into the few fonts supported by Kindle Readers is like forcing graphic artists to do four-color illustrations with two-color printers. Hi I am writing an ebook with poems, short stories and essays. I would like to use at least a few different fonts to set them apart in style, is that a good idea or do the whole book in one font?

Thanks Sherry. Your email address will not be published. The good news is, the amount you need to wager can be next to nothing if you have the knowledge, skills, and time to do most of the work yourself.

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If you do have a little money to invest, there are companies like eBookIt. The basic rule of thumb of book self-publishing: The more money you are willing to invest, the easier the process. This guide will not go into details about finding a literary agent or publisher willing to pay you up front for the rights to your book, but it will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to self-publish a book.

Spoiler alert: the top-level answer to the question "how do you get a book published" is that you do it yourself, but below we go into the specifics. This is an easy step, as most authors will have their book in some electronic or digital format already unless the book was written long ago before the age of personal computers. The most common files that fit this description are Word documents. This also includes some. Scanned documents interpret all words as images, and those documents need to be run through optical character recognition software OCR.

If all you have is a hard copy of your book or manuscript , you will need to scan in each page and run the scanned document through OCR software. If you have a basic scanner it should do the trick. You can find free or inexpensive OCR software on the Internet. If you would rather have someone do this for you, services such as Bound Book Scanning can do this for you for very little cost.

As excited as you may be to publish your own book, do not skip the editing process.

Here are some tips that I use when I publish my own books:. If you are publishing a book full of errors, it will likely get very poor reviews that can be disastrous for sales. Take this step seriously!

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If you are creating an ebook cover, paperback book cover, or a hardcover jacket with flaps, the complexity of the projects varies greatly. Ebook covers are fairly simple whereas creating covers for print books require precise fit into printer-provided templates that is usually best left to a professional graphic designer.

But since we can thoroughly cover ebook image requirements with a few bullet points, here is what you need to know to create a great ebook image. I generally suggest to all of our clients and prospects to start with an ebook rather than a print book when self-publishing a book. This is because the process is both significantly easier and less expensive. If your ebook generates some decent revenue, then it would be worth investing in a print book.

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There are exceptions to this: one common example is professional speakers who sell the majority of their books through "back of the room" sales. But for most of us, starting with an ebook is the way to go. Formatting for print is significantly more difficult, and takes a bit of technical knowledge as well as design capabilities. There are services that can also do this for you. See our Print On Demand services.