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Box 18 Campaigns and Battles.

Box 19 Campaigns and Battles. Box 21 Campaigns and Battles. Box 25 Doolittle Raid Reenactment Color photographs, small box. A large amount of the folders in this box appear to be correspondence and worksheets to support WSEG-4 and other projects to tabulate statistics of World War II experience. Facts and Figures Notes and Misc.

Box 28 Fl—Ge.

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Box 29 Gl—Ma. Box 30 Ma—Mi. Flying Flying U. Naval Aviation Feb Issue bound volume Misc. Jul—Sep NASs Beaufort, S. NASs Edenton, N. Marine Training Squadron for Photographs, pamphlets, manuals, etc. NASs Glenview, Ill. Supplement to History Dec —Sep NASs Hutchinson, Kans. History Supplement NASs Jacksonville, Fla.

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History Marine Barracks Oct —Apr Training Syllabus for Primary Landplanes NASs Purcell, Okla. History early period through Nov including photographs and training section. NASs Melbourne, Fla. Simons Island, Ga. History update Nov —Sep NASs Sanford, Fla. History Appendices to History for Nov —Mar Appendices to History Sep—Dec Apr—Jul including course outlines. Patrol Wing 10 Messimer, Dwight R. Annapolis, Md.

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A Navy Manual on War Photography. Time, Inc. Box 52 Proc—Prog. Box 53 Ships. Box 54 Ships. James L. Box 55 Squadrons.

World War II - Asiatic-Pacific Theater Campaigns

VB-7 Kernahan, G. James D. Foote, Gerd Rundstedt. Amphibious Operations, the Planning Phase, Antisubmarine Tactics, Antisubmarine Warfare, May Anti-Suicide Action Summary, Aug. Battle of Santiago: Eyewitness Account, 4 July Battle of the Nile: An Authentic Narrative, Capture of Cyane and Levant by U. Constitution, Karl Doenitz, Jan. The Defense and Burning of Washington in Arleigh Burke, December Documents Captured on German Submarine U, Establishment of the Navy, 13 October Monitor and the C.

Virginia on March 9, Gulf of Tonkin Crisis. I Was a Yeoman F [Female], Japanese Story of the Battle of Midway, a Translation.

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Naval Quarantine of Cuba, Notes on Anti-Submarine Defenses: O. Publication No. Robert Conard. Navy Racial Incidents in Report of the Secretary of the Navy, Ringle Report on Japanese Internment, December Rommel and the Atlantic Wall: Invasion of Normandy, Selected Documents of the Spanish American War. Statement Regarding Winds Message by Capt. Submarine Activities Connected with Guerrilla Organizations, King Also in print under D Wartime instructions for United States Merchant Vessels, Alan G. Also in print in the general collection under E American Decades: Primary Sources, 10 vols.

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Ref E A American War Plans, , 5 vols. Covert Warfare, , 18 vols.

The Battle of Midway

Oversize D Encyclopedia of American Historical Documents, 3 vols. Ref E,E54 Greenwood Library of American War Reporting, 8 vols. Ref D5.

The Battle of Midway 1942: Told from the Japanese Perspective (1/2)

G84 Ref DS I M Log of the Bonhomme Richard E On the Account: Piracy and the Americas, E G53 United States Army in the World War, , 17 vols.