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Christ the Deliverer

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Fort Logan Church of Christ info fortloganchurchofchrist. The recurring theme throughout the Bible is that when people cry to the Lord the Lord is compassionate to deliver them. God is the deliverer of those who cry to Him. The Book of Judges focuses particularly on this fact reading of Judges In the account that we have just read the Lord raised up Othniel and Ehud as deliverers.

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God has raised up many deliverers, but none so great as the one He has raised up for our deliverance. Just as God delivered ancient Israel during the days of the Judges, He has sent a deliverer among us, but just as Israel cried to the Lord, so must we repent and cry to the Lord. Discussion: I. Back in Judges , the Lord raised up Othniel as deliverer.

Othniel is the first judge.

Three things I would call to your attention in the account. The sons of Israel cried to the Lord.

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Othniel was raised up by God. God was in control of their oppression God was in control of their deliverance The Spirit of the Lord came upon him The next generation did evil in the sight of the Lord. Oppressed again, this time by the Moabite king Eglon, the fat, Israel cried to the Lord and He raised up Ehud to deliver them ff.

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Interesting Ehud turned back from the idols at Gilgal. But idol gods do not communicate messages. Psalms But I am poor and needy; yet the Lord thinketh upon me: thou art my help and my deliverer ; make no tarrying, O my God. The idea of But in the south-west the Philistines reduced the Israelites to great straits Judges From this oppression Shamgar was raised up to be their deliverer.

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Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, the great Deliverer who was to come. The expected king and deliverer of the Hebrews; the Savior; Christ.

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  5. One who delivers or rescues; a preserver. One who relates or communicates. Strong's Hebrew Shimshon -- a deliverer of Isr.

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    Word Origin from the same as shemesh Definition a deliverer of Isr. Hoshea -- "salvation," the name of several Israelites Hosea, Hoshea, Oshea. Deliverer: An Appellation of Jesus.