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Well, in this case, it's more a matter of damages need to be weighed for fairness. Update: given Zuck's other pending lawsuit, I predict he will be forced to pay personally; no corporate cash for this one. We may not be getting all of the facts in the case, so it's questionable whether this is valid on the terms themselves.

But, the alleged contract is harder to read in that copy.

FYI, we added a feature where you can directly link to pages. Not to sound dense, but shouldn't there be two checks if this is how he hopes to prove he paid?

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Or does it say something about The Face Book in the memo cannot read? Yes, I'd agree there's a chance that this contract if real was canceled by mutual agreement or de facto non-performance by both sides before the real Facebook work began. That's why it'd be interesting if Zuckerberg's email archives of the era include any exchanges with Ceglia. Just a couple of words between them indicating any different understanding could make all the difference.

Why would someone sit on something like this for 7 years? I can't think of any reasonable explanation. Facebook's lawyers also seem completely unprepared. How could Mark not have seen this coming? There's got to be an interesting story here.

His lawsuit vs. the social network, Mark Zuckerberg proved disastrous

This is obvious. Why would you sue over a company that might not even turn a profit or could go bankrupt the next day while the founders are poached by Google, leaving you with an empty shell of a company? The answer: you only sue when a company starts making money. And for Facebook, that has happened only very recently.

Yeah, for the plaintiff though, he may run into some very real statute of limitation issues. Had he waited just 6 months less, he'd be in a much better position. Is there a link to an actual PDF instead of a Flash viewer? Timothee on July 21, If you change your user agent to an iPhone's and maybe other mobile devices you get to download a PDF directly.

Other lawsuits have already plumbed Zuckerberg's email and other personal documents from this era Did Ceglia and his 'StreetFax' project appear in any of that? Is there any independent evidence Ceglia and Zuckerberg met? I just can't conceive of Ceglia's claim holding. It seems that, regardless of the authenticity, systems are in place to prevent Facebook from undergoing such a drastic shift.

Can anyone relate this to similar circumstance? HeyLaughingBoy on July 21, Obligatory IANAL, but I don't see why this is such a big deal: the corporation that currently owns Facebook almost certainly didn't exist when this was signed let's assume it was! So Ceglia's claim is against Zuckerberg, not Facebook. At most he would have claim to a certain amount of IP that became what Facebook currently is. So he may have partial ownership of a small amount of Facebook.


If so, this whole thing just degenerates into two sets of lawyers figuring out how much it takes to make him shut up and go away. I can't read that, I just get a gray box and trying on Windows gives me a little red 'x' where the corner of the box was.

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But, I thought there was a list of things that are normally works for hire without that being explicitly specified , and a list of things that are allowed to be specified as works for hire, and that software isn't on either list? AlekseyKorzun on July 21, Mark was born in May 14, , contract was signed in April xx, Well, he'd have been over 18 at that point 18 years, 11 months, since the contract signature date is 23 Apr , but you're right, he was under the age of majority in the State of New York.

Assuming it's as valid contract, can the fact that it was apparently unknown until now count against it? It seems fairly obvious that subsequent investors would have bought out this guy at a much earlier stage if they'd known that there was someone with such a significant share. Yes, there is something called a statute of limitations which may limit this. I'm no lawyer, but the contract says "The agreed upon completion for the expanded project with working title "The Face Book" shall be Janruary 1, Not so long as intent is clear.

It's not computer code. If this is legit it's quite damning for Zuckerberg's equity position. The majority sentiment in this discussion seems to be favoring Zuckerberg. I am not sure why hackers, with the usually higher integrity and honor than most, will defend this scumbag who seems to defraud not one, two, but three different parties, and laughs with his buddy on IM about his ability to steal people's information. Are we being more lenient to those folks now? These are the folks that are crashing people's k, devaluing the dollar, giving bailout money to their buddies, shipping jobs overseas, cheating, lying, and stealing their way to the top.

These are the folks that are bankrupting our world. After you've worked hard for 30 years. Maybe then you'll hate the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world. A hacker in a dorm room turns out to ignite the planet and become a [paper] billionaire nearly overnight.

It's a great story and would be inspiring if true, but like many great stories it's full of shit. He apparently screwed over nearly everyone he came in contact with to get on top.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg as he's questioned in Congress about Facebook's cryptocurrency, Libra

The justice question here is interesting. Whatever bad Zuckerberg has done, it doesn't seem especially plausible that Ceglia made a contribution significant enough to merit a percentage of Facebook. At the same time, if the contract is authentic, it seems like there's a big back-story here you'd have to learn before making any judgments here.

And, hey, I'll admit I'm really curious what that story is. I doubt he'll lose it all, but I wouldn't consider that unfair. Regardless of what happens, it should prove interesting. Other than the spot where someone has written in something about a "web designer" this looks like the most general contract I've ever seen. This could be from anything. I would find it hard to believe that some judge is going to give a guy billions of dollars over this. It says "The Face Book" and describes the website. What more specificity do you want? Apparently I'm blind. Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit.

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Facebook docstoc. Timothee on July 21, If you change your user agent to an iPhone's and maybe other mobile devices you get to download a PDF directly.

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HeyLaughingBoy on July 21, Obligatory IANAL, but I don't see why this is such a big deal: the corporation that currently owns Facebook almost certainly didn't exist when this was signed let's assume it was! Zuckerberg et al, 2nd U. Circuit Court of Appeals, No. Holder et al in the same court, No. Search icon A magnifying glass.

Paul Ceglia Insists He’s No Fraud-He Really Owns Part Of Facebook

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