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You can find more information in our data protection declaration. The US Supreme Court has ruled states can use a disputed drug in lethal injections. Allen Ault, who oversaw executions, tells DW about the human cost of the death penalty for the condemned and their executioners. Did Clayton Lockett suffer severe pain before he died?

Nobody knows for sure. That's what official records say. But his execution did not go according to plan.

Midazolam is supposed to render the condemned unconscious; vecuronium bromide paralyzes the body; and potassium chloride stops the heart. An execution by lethal injection is supposed to take about 10 minutes. Lockett's execution took 43 minutes. After the drugs were administered, witnesses reported that the confessed murderer jerked against the gurney restraints and made noises. Many death penalty abolitionists believe midazolam was the culprit. Oklahoma and other states turned to the sedative agent, which is used in some surgeries and for other medicinal purposes, after American and European pharmaceutical companies refused to sell them sodium thiopental, the drug traditionally used for executions.

While the Supreme Court deliberated over whether or not to consider the case, one of the defendants was executed with the midazolam protocol. He died 18 minutes later. On Monday, the nation's highest court ruled that states can continue using midazolam in executions. The executioners are not sadists or psychopaths.

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  • Revenge can be a strong urge, but you may not feel better if you act on it.;

According to Allen Ault, they're conscientious human beings. And they too suffer severe pain from the death penalty, though they don't often speak publicly about it. Ault never used lethal injection. Georgia's method of execution was the electric chair.

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The trained psychologist served as the commissioner of Georgia's Department of Corrections from He oversaw five executions. Unable to cope with the psychological trauma, Ault left his job. He told Deutsche Welle how he came to oppose the death penalty:. We met with the witnesses and fed them in the warden's conference room. There was a lot of nervous laughter.

The victim's family was down at the other end of the corridor. When I heard the laughter, I went down and explained to them that the laughter was just out of nervousness, that these people had never participated in an execution. Later, we were in the death chamber, and the attorney general and I were in the room directly behind the chair, looking through a window.

And we could see the witnesses through another window. I talked to the inmate, he was in a cell adjacent to the room I was in. I had been down and talked to him before. I had got to know him.

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The attorney general had three telephones: One to the Supreme Court, one to the governor's office, and one to the parole board. He checked with those entities and said there would be no stay. At nine o'clock, or whatever the time was, it's listed on the death warrant, I signaled to the warden who was standing in the chamber and he asked the inmate if he had any last words. The electrician was standing behind me but was facing toward the apparatus on the wall.

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He just threw the switch. What we observed was a really violent body movement when the voltage hit the body, and then five or six seconds later it slumped in the chair.

It's a real human being you're dealing with. A human being that unfortunately I got to know. You had communication with him, personal communication with him. It isn't some impersonal concept. All the rationale that I had used up to that point, to get to that point, sort of evaporated.

It really impacted me personally and psychologically. So I started to do the research, trying to find a good justification that I could live with and found that there was zero credible research that said it acted as a deterrent. Have you ever had your heart broken in a way that makes you so angry, all you can think about is seeking revenge on your ex-boyfriend? Maybe he cheated on you, and that single friend of his, whom you only met a few times, was looking extremely cute the last time you saw him at a party, and you are thinking about giving him a call?

Maybe your ex broke up with you in a cruel way, so you feel the need to blast all his secrets all over your Facebook or Twitter, or whatever social media account you have the most of his friends and family on. However, is it truly a good idea to seek revenge or could it be counter-productive to moving on and getting some real closure? So before you pick up that phone and call you ex's friend, read this and find out why seeking revenge is the worst thing you could do after a break-up.

Why You’ll Dig Two Graves If You Seek Revenge

If you want to get revenge, my guess is that you are feeling angry and you feel as though getting revenge will ultimately help to subside that rage. However, it has been proven that acting out your rage actually helps make it worse. The more you give into your rage and act out in an angry way, the more anger you will end up feeling. It is never good to harbor anger. If you are seeking revenge, you are making it so that your energy is very negative.

You are most likely angry a lot of the time, you are lashing out essentially because something bad happened to you or someone hurt you. This can increase stress levels, which can increase your heart rate and cause you issues with your heart, blood pressure, and even cholesterol. Living like this is not good physically or emotionally. Being angry all the time can essentially make you lose your mind.

It is better to let it go and not harbor all that anger and even more rage during the act of seeking revenge. If you get revenge, you are basically prolonging the issue. If that boy broke your heart, and all you do is concentrate on how to get him back for what he did to you, you are making the heartache last longer.

Instead of moving on, you will be concentrating on him. Instead of trying to heal, you will be concentrating on the anger and hurt that fuels your need for revenge.

Trying to understand the ACTUAL meaning of this phrase.

Instead of healing, you will be stuck in neutral. Or even worse, you will end up hurting yourself further. What if getting revenge does not even get a reaction from him? What if you actually don't mean that much to him anymore because, unlike you, he has decided to completely move on?

Will you feel better or worse after seeking this revenge? Kevin Carlsmith, Ph. He says, "Rather than providing closure, it does the opposite: It keeps the wound open and fresh. This means that we cannot analyze it properly afterward or think to ourselves "this isn't a big deal" because we are actually turning it into an even bigger deal.

If this ex-boyfriend of yours also happens to be your child's father, any revenge you seek will ultimately make your relationship worse. Especially if that revenge involves keeping your child ren from him.