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Although a number of libraries in Europe and North America hold large collections of Japanese materials, no thorough assessments have been done in the Southeast Asian region. To investigate, Professor Wada and his team started this study in , in cooperation with the Japan Foundation and research institutes in the local areas, and with financial support from the Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research.

Japanese Literature: English Resources

As a result, they found 4, Japanese-style bound and 5, Western-style bound books as part of the ISSI collection. The number of the Japanese-style bound books in the collection is perhaps the largest in Southeast Asia. The Western-style books are mainly academic books and book series published in the Meiji Period, but the highlight here is a collection of materials from the Japanese Cultural Center in Hanoi, established by Japan in Vietnam during World War II.

This will allow researchers to grasp collections of Japanese materials spread throughout the world in a more comprehensive manner. Your generosity can make a difference and bring rippling impact.

An Introduction to: Classical Japanese Literature

The oldest surviving works are two historical records, the Kojiki and Nihon Shoki, which were completed in the early 8th century. In the 11th century, during the peak of the Heian Period , the world's first novel, The Tale of Genji , was written in Japan. During the Meiji Period , an influx of foreign texts spurred the development of modern Japanese literature. Influential authors of the time include Higuchi Ichiyo, whose image is on the yen bill ; Natsume Soseki , who is best known for his Matsuyama -based novel "Botchan"; and Miyazawa Kenji, a poet and children's literature author from Iwate best known for his work "Night on the Galactic Railroad".

Since then, Japan has maintained a vibrant literary culture, and contemporary writers such as Kawabata Yasunari and Oe Kenzaburo have won the Nobel Prize for Literature in and respectively. Sign In. Plan a Trip.


Below are a few places in Japan where the country's literary heritage can be appreciated:. Ehime Prefecture.

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Each author has museums , monuments and statues dedicated to them around the city. Kyoto Prefecture.

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The Tale of Genji is an 11th-century work of fiction written by a Japanese noblewoman describing the intrigues of court life during the Heian Period. The town of Uji is frequently mentioned in the novel, and several locations around the town are marked by statues and plaques. Visitors can also visit the Tale of Genji Museum to learn more about this novel that has stood the test of time.

Iwate Prefecture. Tono is well known for its collection of folklore involving legends of spirits, animals and supernatural creatures. This rich oral tradition was eventually transcribed and collated into a book in - the "Legends of Tono".